The New Compact Mk2 Batch Weigher

A versatile, table mounted weigh-filling machine capable of handling a wide variety of dry, free-flowing products and designed to meet the needs of busy retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers.

  • Fast and accurate weigh-filling
  • Total flexibility on product, pack size and packaging
  • Easy to operate
  • Robust and reliable
  • Maintenance free

For pack sizes from 100g up to 3kg (depending on product characteristics) and with a throughput of around ten 1kg packs per minute, the Proweight Compact Batch Weigher can maintain accuracy of +/- 0.1% on every pack - all day, every day.  Pack weights are simply entered via the keypad and flow speed can be controlled manually for adjustment to suit individual products and operators.

  • Bulk hopper capacity 30 Ltrs
  • Tipping pan capacity 6.5 litres
  • Dimensions:  800 x 600x 400mm
  • Power 230V AC single phase
  • Stainless steel options for the food industry

Fitted with manually operated tipping pan, your Proweight Compact Weigher will be ready to pack whenever you are.  With a tough, powder-coated mild steel finish on Standard models, Proweight Batch Weighers are easy to clean, set up and operate and are designed to discharge the product at a comfortable working height for manual packing into your own bag, box or container.